About us

About Cranemech AB

We at Cranemech are passionate about helping our customers and ensuring that their lifting equipment works when needed.
Cranemech is a well-established company in the lifting industry with great flexibility. We work hard to live up to your wishes. With wide experience in service, assembly, repairs, modernization and sales of industrial lifting equipment from different manufacturers, we ensure that you get the right service / product.

We work with all existing brands and models.
Everything to lift and handle large and small loads.
Cranemech was founded in 1998.

Today we have 5 employees with extensive experience in service, assembly, repairs, modernization and sales of industrial lifting equipment from different manufacturers.
We start from Ängelholm where offices, workshops and warehouses are located.

Over the years, Cranemech has established a wide network of lifting equipment available on the market, thus offering spare parts, accessories and new lifting equipment at a favorable price.

Cranemch is of course ISO certified according to ISO 14001, ISO 9001 & OHASA 18001.
Our technicians have the following training courses: Overhead crane, Skylift, Forklift, Hotwork operator Fall Protection, etc.

Do you have any questions or problems regarding any kind of liting equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Solving lifting problems is part of our everyday life.


Conte Metal Mec srl

February 2017, a cooperation with an Italian lifting equipment manufacturer, Conte Metal Mec, was initiated. We are now their representative in the Nordic region in sales, service and repairs. Conte Metal Mec manufactures C-Hooks, Coil Grabs, Coil Tilters, Vacuum Lifts and more. Their products are of high quality with steel from Europe, including Swedish SSAB.

Contact us for product information and price.


Cranemech collaborates with IRC AB that provides radio controls for industrial applications. Some of the areas may be traverses, drilling rigs, flushers, mining machines and the list only grows on the applications to which their products are used. Are you looking for a robust radio control where fast and good service is available, IRC products are something for you.

Contact us for product information and price.

Lamet srl

In 2019 a cooperation was initated with the Italian manufacturer of lifting equipment and assessories, Lamet srl.They have a wide range of products in their standard catalog but they also make customized solutions. In their well-organized workshop, they provide everything from machining to assembly of the highest quality. Their products include hook blocks, hooks, safety locks, chain sling, plate clamps, chain blocks and all associated components. Contact us for product information and price