Service & Repairs

Service & Repairs

With Cranemech service / Pu, you reduce unforeseen downtime and streamline your process by effectively servicing your lifting equipment.

A service agreement with us gives you a good and safe overview of the status of your lifting equipment. With our MaintMaster maintenance system, we provide you with the ability to access the status of your items after a service visit via the cloud.

We of course serve all types of cranes and  and tailor-made maintenance to your requirements, production and product.

Service & Repair

With experienced technicians and complete service cars, we are all at hand to service or repair your lifting equipment.

Documented maintenance is important to take care of. Many believe that it is enough for the annual  third part inspection, but it is not. In addition to the third part inspection, a documented maintenance is required according to AFS 2006: 6. Briefly, AFS 2006: 6 says that:

• Daily inspection of the lifting device must be done before use.

• Journal shall be kept for maintenance and continuous supervision.

• The crane driver must have theoretical and practical knowledge for the safe use of the lifting device.

• Deficiencies or damage detected during a check should, if they can compromise safety, rectify or repair before continued use.


Our goal is to always be available regardless of the time of day.

If you get unplanned shutdown, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to have an on call service, we will also arrange this

Inspection of lifting gear

We can now also offer inspection of lifting gear by accredited inspector.

Your lifting gear is marked with ID marking and certificates are created. All according to current regulations.

The lifting gear is also included in the AFS 2006: 6